Faster Installation

The Castillo pool panel system has been designed with speedier, less costly and cleaner installation in mind. Our precision engineered system is designed as a standalone self supporting structure that does not require any additional support whether in the form of backfill, concrete, ring beam or otherwise. This design innovation results in a strong and durable pool structure which allows total access around the pool and the flexibility to remove and relocate the pool if required.

All components are delivered to site ready for immediate assembly. Designed to minimise the tools required and to ensure that each panel can be handled with ease our pool system requires fewer personnel to install and eliminates the need for heavy construction and equipment on site. Assembled in a fraction of the time required for traditional pool construction Castillo pools are up and running quickly, avoiding project delays and enabling you to enjoy your pool sooner.

stainless-steel-pool_0003_Layer 6

Suitable For Challenging Locations

Whether located in a high rise, on a rooftop, indoors or outdoors, above ground or in basements the Castillo pool panel system can be assembled virtually anywhere.

Our pool components can be carried through narrower spaces, lift shafts and doorways which allows for quick, easier and less labour intensive assembly. Structurally engineered and made of high quality stainless steel a Castillo pool is ideal for any location.