Easier To Maintain & Upgrade

Our pool panel system is designed with total access making maintenance and upgrading of your pool a simpler and quicker process.

With a Castillo pool you have total access allowing pipe work to be upgraded or repaired without the need to go through the finished floor. This makes maintaining and adding new technology to the pool over its lifetime more cost effective and less time consuming. A Castillo pool is designed with future proofing in mind.

Pool Cross Section

Designed For A Lifetime of Enjoyment

Designed with low maintenance and running costs in mind. A Castillo pool requires only routine maintenance to last for decades without degrading, leaking or corroding making it an asset that enhances the value of your home or business.

With a Castillo pool peace of mind comes built in. The quality of the stainless steel and water tightness guaranteed each Castillo pool is fully warranted. Furthermore there is an industry leading guarantee on the structural integrity of each Castillo pool.


To discuss Upgrading and Maintenance please email info@castillopools.com