High Performance Quality Stainless Steel Panel System

Quality begins with the selection of the stainless steel from which our pools are made. However not all stainless steel is created equal. That is why we only select European certified stainless steel from which each component is created.

High quality stainless steel ensures peace of mind. Stainless steel is a high performance material which will maintain its integrity even after decades of use. Castillo pools are built to withstand variations in climate in the most challenging geological conditions.

Stainless steel also has significant environmental advantages as it is a recyclable, sustainable material.

State Of The Art Precision Engineering

Our engineering and manufacturing processes are world class. We use state of the art computer automated, 3D design technology. All Castillo components are manufactured in a contamination free facility using processes that comply with ISO 9001 and EN 1090.

Our processes require the manufacture of each component to be independently verified and tracked. This permits us to affix the coveted CE quality mark to our pools. The highest quality stainless steel is used to create the structural panel system which is strong enough to be self-supporting and free standing, allowing total access around the pool at all times. A world class manufacturing process for a world class product.

Quality Accreditations

CE 1090 BSI

Lifetime Guarantee - Total Piece Of Mind

A Castillo pool is not only built of quality materials using cutting edge technology and designed to last a lifetime. We warrant the quality of the stainless steel we use which has built in anti corrosive properties we also guarantee water tightness and provide an industry leading guarantee on the structural integrity of each Castillo pool. With a Castillo pool peace of mind comes built in.

Bespoke Design

With our precision engineered panel system we can design and manufacture pools of any size, shape or scale for virtually any location or purpose. The strength, durability and flexibility of our proprietary high quality stainless steel panel system opens up new design possibilities offering greater potential to create unconventionally shaped swimming pools in almost any space. Freed from the constraints of traditional pool construction methods Castillo offers bespoke, ultra modern pools tailored to our clients exact design specifications.

Pool Types

We offer pools with skimmer, over-flow, infinity edges and concealed cover systems. Our pools can also be fitted with moveable walls and floors. The Castillo pool system can also withstand the higher temperature required for hydrotherapy pools.

  • Overflow

  • Skimmer

  • Infinity Edge

  • Glass Wall

If you require Technical Plans or Design DWG Files please email info@castillopools.com